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About Us

About Bokhara House

Bokhara House is the oldest carpet manufacturing family in Pakistan. Our family has been conducting the carpet business for over 100 years. Before the Second World War, Bokhara House had carpet showrooms in various parts of the Indo-Pak subcontinent, including Bombay, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the former East Indies (Indonesia).

Bukhara House currently manufactures fine quality single-knot,  Bukhara  Designs, and Persian Designs in double-knot. Our key emphasis is to maintain the highest standards of quality Carpets to delight our customers. Bukhara House also specializes in the manufacture of fabulous pictorial  rugs depicted by the famous Persian poet,  Omar Khayyam

Our History

The Managing Director of Bokhara House Private Limited presents a superfine caucasian design rug To the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia at the Royal Palace in Jeddah.